Our Process to Help Clients

We Are Planning Oriented and Action Oriented


Our work with clients uses a time-tested Financial Planning Process to develop a plan covering many areas of financial planning. This is similar to having a checkup when going to a new doctor.  It establishes a starting point for our work together and the first step to moving in the right direction to meet the client's goals.

The Financial Planning Process:

We start with a phone call, and a no-obligation meeting, to understand the prospective client's needs and wants to determine if Hardt Financial is the best solution to help the client reach their goals.  This includes reviewing the process we use and the way we are compensated for our work.*  If the prospective client and we agree that we can help a client move toward their goals, we dive into the Financial Planning Process:

Step 1: Together, the client and financial planner clarify and prioritize the client's goals and circumstances.  And we gather financial and other information.

Step 2: We analyze the client's current direction and plans as well as possible alternative plans.

Step 3: We develop specific recommendations for consideration.

Step 4: The client and planner meet to review the analysis, possible plans, and recommendations.

Step 5: The client determines a course of action and, together with the planner, the client decides how, or if, Hardt Financial will be involved on an ongoing basis.

Step 6: On a regular basis, progress is monitored and adjustments are made, as needed.


Steps 1 through 5 may take as few as two meetings, or may take several meetings, based on the client's needs and complexity of their situation.

(*Before diving into Step 1, we meet with each prospective client to determine if their needs, and our services, are a good fit.  During this 30 - 90 minute meeting, we often are able to provide some financial advice or direction, even if the client or we decide not to continue the relationship.  There is no cost for this meeting.

If we do decide to continue, we would then be able to determine the proper depth of planning that is needed and the cost for our services.)