Who Can We Help?

 Connecting With People And Their Needs For Over 25 Years
Dan Hardt Financial Services serves a broad range of clients.  Here are few examples of the type of people we can help:

We Can Help Clients If…

· You are nearing retirement and want to determine the best way to have your assets, social security, etc. provide adequately for your needs.

· Your financial life has suddenly changed (ex: the death of a spouse or parent) and you want to make the best decisions possible for your short and long term needs.

· You want to ensure that your investments are not supporting issues that you find morally objectionable.

· You want a solid investment portfolio that strikes the right balance between “conservative” and “aggressive”.

· You are retired and want to make smart decisions about using your assets to provide an income supplement.

· You want to review your estate plan to make sure you are helping heirs, charities, etc. in the wisest ways possible. And doing so while keeping potential estate taxes low.

· You want to make sure that your family is left financially sound in the event of your premature death or disability.

· You own a small business or professional practice and want to make sure you use your business entity in the best ways possible to help meet your personal goals.

· You want to protect against the expense of a long term care need.

· You wish to plan ahead for the education costs for your children or grandchildren.

· You want the peace of mind that comes from having an independent and knowledgeable third party review your financial affairs.

This list is representative and not exhaustive.