Biblically Responsible Investing

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As investors, you and I are a part of the system that makes our economy run.  When we buy stocks or bonds, our investments capitalize companies and provide funds to operate.  In this respect, "Wall Street" is not a street in New York City; you and I are Wall Street.  We - every one of us with even modest sized investments - are all important parts of our economy.

By investing in today's common investment products, we are encouraging and sponsoring companies that manufacture cars, food, appliances, computers, airplanes, electronics, and clothes.  We also support those who provide services like cable TV, banking, insurance, and shipping.  But we may also be sponsoring companies that manufacture abortifacients, distribute pornography, promote destructive sexual lifestyles, and draw people into life-destroying addictions.  We even encourage companies that increase their profits by turning a blind eye to slave labor.

As an investor, I care about the activities that my money supports.  And at Dan Hardt Financial Services, many of our clients care as well.  For many years we have discovered ways to invest that substantially avoid sponsoring and encouraging activities that are in contradiction to what the Bible considers good.  The goal is to invest in "Biblically responsible" ways.  It's a work in progress, but we are happy to say that we can make significant strides, right now, to avoid investing in companies involved in egregious activities.

We have a significant amount of research regarding the activities of thousands of specific companies.  We can also provide a summary report for many mutual funds.  You will be glad to know there are investment alternatives that bring a Biblical ethic to their investment selection.

It is possible to do something about this.  Let us know if you would like to investigate further, to find out what you may be unknowingly supporting, and to review alternatives.


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